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It is a reconstructive microsurgery procedure that is performed for patients with Chronic Facial Paralysis. The procedure consists of performing a gracilis muscle transplant (from the thigh, along with its artery, vein and nerve) to the region of the face, making an arterial and venous connection to the facial vessels, which also includes the union between a Branch of the Masseterine Nerve (branch of the trigeminal) with one of the nerves coming from the gracilis. The procedure allows performing a “facial resuscitation” by reestablishing the movement and sensitive function of the face. This procedure is carried out with the Carl Zeiss KINEVO Microscope which allows a high effectiveness and safety in the procedure.

It should be noted that the specialty of Reconstructive Microsurgery that Hospital Angeles has, can help multiple patients (children, adults and older adults) with various ailments, such as congenital malformations, sequelae of fractures and trauma, as well as sequelae of burns and cancer.


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