Oncology Center - PueblaCare

Some of the surgical techniques that are performed are the most advanced in the management of malignant diseases, such as radioguided surgery, the use of radionavigation, robotic surgery, sentinel lymph node, resection and radiofrequency ablation of metastases, and regional therapy between others.

Puebla has the only hospital in the region that has this infrastructure for timely diagnosis of cancer, with PET-CT and the most cutting-edge technology in X Ray that allows detecting and measuring the activity of tumors in their earliest stages. early, and objectively measure the response to cancer treatment, in addition to offering radiotherapy treatments.

The Oncology Center offers integral and protocolized management by an interdisciplinary team from diagnosis to treatment in all its modalities, since it has the best and most effective tools for the prevention, timely detection and cure of cancer in early stages, which is why this takes into account the specialists trained in the areas of surgical oncology, medical oncology and radiation oncology.