Joint Replacement - PueblaCare

their replacement with artificial joints, made of chrome, cobalt and titanium, along with high-density plastics.

The ends of the knee or hip joint are encased in metal components, and a medical-grade plastic implant is used to create the new cushion in the knee. It is the patient’s own muscles and ligaments that provide the strength and stability to their new knee or hip.

This type of surgery is required when a person has a high degree of impaired function and shape of the knee or hip due to chronic and progressive joint disease (called gonarthrosis) or fractures, which are characterized by severe pain, stiffness, and joint deformity, limitation of movement and instability.

Numerous advances in surgical techniques, instrument development, surgical robotics, and implants have made hip and knee joint replacements highly successful procedures.

After surgery, patients return to a much more active life since the prosthesis eliminates pain and improves mobility.