We have consolidated ourselves as one of the most important private medical institutions in the country, socially responsible and recognized for our affiliation with Catholic doctrine. We started operations in the city of Monterrey in 1934, with the opening of the MUGUERZA Hospital and by joining the CHRISTUS HEALTH system in 2001. 

Hospital Betania is a third-level private health institution, founded in 1962 by Don Bernardino Tamariz Oropeza and his three sisters: Doña Ignacia, Doña Joaquina and Doña Guadalupe. We have collaborators with a vocation for service, a sense of commitment, responsible and with the compromise of providing an exceptional service.

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Installed capacity: 

  • 60 Hospital beds 
  • 5 Hospital beds for COVID
  • 10 beds for intensive care
  • 5 Beds for neonate patients with critical illnesses   
  • 5 Operating rooms for high specialty 
  • 4 Outpatient operating rooms 
  • 5 Emergency offices 
  • 8 Cubicles in the emergency room 
  • Hemodynamic Room 
  • 1 Advanced Resuscitation Room 
  •    Whole-body densitometer 
  •    Logic-E9 Ultrasound 
  •    Fluoroscope Opera Swing 
  •    GE-128 slice CT scanner (with state-of-the-art spectrum image) 
  •    Tesla 1.5 TS MRI (with full antenna all over the table and high resolution) 
  •    3D Echocardiograph 
  • 3 Arcs in C 
  •    Brand new X-Ray room 
  • 7 Hemodialysis C beds
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Our values

Dignity: Respect for the person, we are all important. 

Integrity: Honesty, fairness and consistency in all relationships. 

Excellence: High levels of service and constant improvement. 

Compassion: Service with love, empathy, and concern for the other person. 

Prudence in Resource Management: Prudent and fair use of talent and resources in collaboration. Our institutional values allow us to generate memorable positive experiences, transmit confidence and provide exceptional service. Attention with human sense CHRISTUS MUGUERZA®.